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    Connecting Churches and Pastors

    Pastors-Churches is a free resource to connect Churches with potential Pastors

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    Connecting Minsters with Ministries

    Pastors-Churches is a free resource to connect Ministers with potential Ministries

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    Connecting Churches with Staff

    Pastors-Churches is a free resource to connect Churches with potential Staff

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Pastors-Churches is one of the top USA ministry/pastor job placement services on the web with thousands of monthly users. By posting your resume or open ministry position, you will allow others to have instant access to your position or profile. Countless ministers and ministries search Christian job boards each day looking for their new position or employee.

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Our Vision

The Pastors-Churches Website's orginal vision was to be a website that provides tools, information, and resources to help Pastor (Ministry) Search Committees connect with available Pastors (Ministers).

During the past few years, this site has become one of the leading sites providing this type of service.

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Pastors-Churches allows for free self-posting of ministry positions and resumes.

Once you post, we must approve the posting before it becomes visible. This is usually taks less than 24 hours and wil notify you by email when it is activated.


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